Monday, October 10, 2011

Party favor

A few days ago, I promised that I was going to post something new, but I got tied up in the affairs of life and didn't get around to it.  Anyway, I am back today with a cute little craft for you.  I hear people say all the time, I am just not that crafty.  Well, trust me when I say, anybody can make the following.  I hope it gets your craft juices flowing.

I was recently at a show and one of the vendors had the cutest little make and take.  It is candy wrapped in a little packet. I came home that evening and thought this would be a nice little party favor if you were having some sort of event.  I can not take credit for the idea, but here is how I made it.

1. I cut a piece of cardstock  2"x6".
2. Next, I scored the cardstork at 2 1/2" in on both sides, so that there is a 1" fold in the middle.
3. I used my Silhouette machine and cut out the oval scallops and stamped them with my initial.

4. I adhered one Hershey's miniature candy bar in the 1" fold with some double stick tape.

5. Finally, I punched holes at the top of the wrapper and tied some ribbon in the holes to keep it together.  And voila, here you have it.

I think it is absolutely adorable.  The possibilities are endless.  You could use it for a wedding reception or a birthday party.  You can stamp some other quote or saying on the front and give in a gift basket.  Hope you enjoyed and happy crafting.

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  1. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Love how it came out :-) (and now I'm craving chocolate from reading all your posts. lol!) Yum!


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